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the best in the production of Screw Pumps, Guarantee certified, From 1975 Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - provides leading organizations around the world, with more than 2,000,000 products installed


Seim, Screws Pumps

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Industrial Division

Industrial Division

From the beginning, in the early 90s, the Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - screw pumps have been developed to meet the requirements of reliable and durable products for a variety of industrial applications.

Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division

The affinity with the area and ENERGY INDUSTRIAL, we were given the opportunity to quickly develop a full range of products and technically centered on the needs of the market.


Marine Division

Born of a know-how of 40 years of experience in 'ambto the design, production and sale of screw pumps in various sectors with problems are always different.


Lift Division

Since 1975, Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - makes an immediate impression among the market leaders thanks to an efficient and reliable product, which indeed meets the requirements of quietness, efficiency and low pulsation, required by the elevator industry.


Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - has been on the market for over 40 years and has achieved a leadership position with over two million products installed, including screw pumps, heat exchangers and safety valves for numerous industries, including Energy, Petrochemical, Oil and gas, Pulp & Paper and Metal, automobilistico, Naval, just to name a few.


Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - product is fully developed within the company, benefiting from the know-how gained in these decades of experience in the production of screw pumps. The Research and Development department Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - follows rigorous STANDARDS of quality, and efficiency.

Research and development

All products are tested Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - and the data for each pump are stored in our archives. Together with the unique identification of prodotda with a code and a freshman.


The system of Company Quality Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps -, recognized as early as November 1995 (certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and extended to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 nell'otdabre 2003), oversees all activities of the Company, with the aim of provide the customer with a service which fully meets their expectations in terms of product quality, delivery reliability and availability from stock of finished products. The sales network Seim S.r.l. - Screws Pumps - is extended in all the continents, is growing, and is able to provide supporda qualified technician to product selection and begin operating an extensive international customer base of primary importance.