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In November 1995 SEIM has achieved its Quality System Certification according to the latest international norm ISO 9001, afterwards implemented to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 

The quality program is continually updated in accordance with the requirements of Quality System standard.


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SEIM, after 4 decades of production, have achieved a leading position in the screw pump market worldwide.
Our high volume production of market leading products (more than 1,5 million screw pumps installed) including heat exchangers and relief valves (over 100.000 each) has placed us in a dominant position in many different fields of application (to name but a few:

· Power Generation
· Petrochemical
· Oil and Gas
· Wind power generation
· Paper and Steel industry
· Automotive
· Marine
· Machine Tools
· Hydraulic

Our wide range of Products grant capability to satisfy demand in all fields of application, also thanks to the continuous extension of our Manufacturing Program. SEIM Products are fully developed in our Company, thanks to know-how achieved during more than thirty-six years experience in manufacturing screw pumps. R&D Department follow criteria like "answer to demands by the market", developing new Products to satisfy world-wide Customer's requests. Customized Manufacturing is part of our winning experience, thanks to high tech apparatus at its own disposal and synergic collaboration both with customers and distributors, implementing performances for existing Products introducing latest news in terms of materials, machining process, analysis and control systems (both during parts manufacturing and on "ready to delivery" products). All Products manufactured by SEIM are 100% tested and data concerning pumps are stored in our files.
Thanks to Products identification achievable by model code and serial number is possible:

· find out product performance, also "after sale"
· to issue certificates for pump performances (both SEIM standard test conditions or customer's requested conditions).

SEIM Quality System, recognized since November 1995 by ISO 9000 certification (according to ISO 9001 and extended to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 in October 2003), rules all activities in the Company, with the aim to fully satisfy customer's expectation in terms of Products Quality, reliability in delivery and stock availability for finished Products.
SEIM Sales Network is extended throughout all Continents, both directly by local SEIM offices and through collaboration with local Representatives and it is in continuous development: it is capable to grant qualified technical support in selecting our Products, ready to deliver Products and to handle directly a wide portfolio of international leading Customers.

SEIM Manufacturing Program features three main categories, each one including different Products:



Three Screw Pumps
· Flow rates up to 10.500 L/min (ca. 2700 USGPM), larger flow rates are available upon request.
· Pressure up to 120 bar (ca. 1700 psi) continuos, higher pressure versions are available upon request,
· Suitable for pumping:

· Lube oils (mineral and synthetic - even at high viscosity > 100.000 cSt)· HFC fluids · Water based emulsions · Cutting oils · Aeronautic and dielectrical fluids · All fuel oils (incl. LFO and HFO)· Silicon fluids.
· Execution conform to API 676 (latest edition).
· ATEX approval
· ABS type approved pumps
· survey by naval inspection bodies.
· Built in relief valve, optional for most of the models.

Twin Screw Pumps
· Flow rates up to 1250 m³/h (ca 5700 USGPM)
· Versions with and without timing gears
· Pressure up to 40 bar (ca. 570 psi) continuos, different pressure versions are available upon request
· wide range for materials of construction - for the largest compatibility
· API 676 latest ed. Version available
· Suitable for:

· lube oils (mineral and synthetic - even at high viscosity > 20.000 cSt) · Diathermic oils · Any fluid with low or no lubricationg property · Food industry · Cosmetics and soaps · All fuel oils (incl. LFO and HFO).

Flow meters
High accuracy in a wide range of applications (up to ca. 10.000 L/min, std 900 L/min), (ca. 2700 USGPM, std ca. 240 USGPM). High linearity throughout working range. Lowest pressure drops, even at high viscosity (5000 cSt), Measure not affected by pressure, viscosity and temperature variation. High pressure version available (400 bar / 6000 psi, or 200 bar / 3000 psi). Specific electronic available (multi-function display, data logger), optional. Safety and relief valves. Wide flow and pressure ranges, in line and built-on pump versions available.

· Flow ranges up to 10.000 L/min - ca. 2700 USGPM,
· Pressure ranges up to 120 bar (ca. 1700 psi)
· Manual or factory set adjustment versions.
· Pressure controlled version with pneumatically driven.

SEIM Manufacturing Product Range can be completed by a wide range of accessories, like but not limited to:
· SAE counter flanges.
· Bell housings and Couplings, also with spacer. Available ATEX approved models.
· Electrical motors, AC or DC, ATEX custom execution, European or North American approvals.

SEIM capability extends to:
· Close couplings pre assembled systems (motor pump units).
· Skid mounted systems (horizontal mounting pumps or tank lid for vertical mounting, or tripod).
· Off-line filtration systems (filtration trolleys and complete stand alone systems, also for machine tools).


SEIM manufacture following coolers:

· Air - oil.
· Water - oil.
· Chillers.

Standard range up to 14.000 kCal/h., (55.300 BTU/h).
Larger on demand.
All power supply ratings are available.
UL/CSA approved versions.
Manual temperature switch.

Main characteristics:

· High self priming capability, thanks to SEIM screw pumps.
· Lowest noise level, thanks to specific fan design for 50 or 60 Hz and use of the screw pump.
· Low cost, thanks to several accessories available, supplied D.I.Y..


Complete three screw pumps range suitable for all applications in Elevators Market.

· Flow rates from 3 to 850 lpm, (ca. 227 USGPM).
· Submersible screw pumps for hydraulic power packs, suitable to match submersible or std IEC electrical motor.
· DRY type application, with external screw pump installation (not submerged).
· European and American versions.

SEIM supplies in Elevators Market can be integrated by supplying electrical motors and by our wide range of coolers (apply to SEIM relevant Division).


SEIM Products are lasting and reliable, protected by adequate warranty.
Whether maintenance will be necessary, SEIM grant support both from our headquarter in Cusago and on site through qualified personnel.
SEIM manufacturing range follows our philosophy, aiming to consolidate relationship with our Customers: constant product improvement through latest technology "pump" our actions.


Last News Twin Screw Pumps


Last News Twin Screw Pumps






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